Police Cadet ’88 – 新紮師兄1988

Police Cadet ’88 – 新紮師兄1988


Now showing: Episode 40

Latest episode: 403938

Country: Hong Kong

Genres: Police

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Movie plot

Police Inspector Kit (Tony Leung) is righteous and dedicated to his job. In his fight against crime, he gets aquainted with an ex-member of a Shanghainese triad, Shing (Ko Hung). Shing is cold and withdrawn, with a tragic past. Kit develops a close friendship with him. Shing leads a quiet, secluded life and his lonely soul is comforted by Wai (Sheren Tang), a strong and mature woman, determined to forget her turbulent past and her imprisoned boyfriend, Chak. However, their peaceful life is short-lived. Shing is forced back into business when his formidable enemy is released. And add to his dismay, this enemy of his turns out to be Chak. Cheung is then thrown into crossroads – how can he remain to be a faithful friend as well as an upright police? 張偉杰在警界服務多年,屢建奇功,因此獲調派往嚴重罪案調查科。偉杰辦案時認識了退隱江湖的車房老闆邊城,兩人惺惺相惜,成為知己。惟邊城逼於情勢而重投黑社會,成為黑幫大哥卓壽賢的得力助手,與偉杰為敵。另一方面,黑社會人物程君澤早年為兄弟頂罪,入獄十年後剛出獄,欲趁兩大黑幫巨頭展開惡鬥之餘,密謀混水摸魚,爭奪社團領導地位,故經常與偉杰等警方對抗。與此同時,偉杰妻巧宜不滿他常因工作而冷落自己,遂與偉杰冷戰,並提出離婚,及後更慘死於黑幫與警方的駁火之下。巧宜死後,偉杰遇上君澤之妹程月如及保險公司秘書方敏盈。三人更發展出微妙的三角關係。

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